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Waste Management Companies Make A Difference


Every day, the people of America produce close to a ton of waste just doing the things they need in order to survive in todays modern world. It's not just residential trash, either; there are corporations, institutions, organizations, and more that all contribute to the issue of waste. As a single person, considering the vast quantity of refuse that is produced on a daily basis is a staggering concept. To take care of it is an overwhelming proposition.

But It gets done, however. Everyday, for the same amount of trash that is produced, there are waste management companies out there that make the most out of it by picking up waste, transporting it to select sites, and then disposing of it in several ways. These waste management companies are responsible for handling the things we throw away and the sewage we produce, and they're every bit responsible and dedicated to making certain that the environment gets treated right while humanity is treated to a high quality of life that is hygienic and safe.

Some of the biggest players in the field of waste management are Waste Management, Inc. and Republic Services, Inc. Together, these two waste management companies handle over half of all the garbage that is produced in America and work hard at cleaning up so we don't have to.

Waste Management, Inc., or simply WMI, handles over 413 individual collection operations across the nation and inside both Canada and Puerto Rico. WMI operated close to twenty waste-to-energy plants, 131 recycling plants, and 95 beneficial-use landfill projects. These efforts don't even include the six separate power plants that they company runs with waste.

Republic Services runs a similar business, having around 427 collection operations, 86 recycling plants, and 219 landfills. This company provides many of the same benefits that WMI does for the environment and takes advantage of opportunities to make the most out of waste management.

Even if there is a lot of waste being produced in America, the country has a very efficient and productive methodology put towards minimizing the impact it makes on the environment while reusing or converting as much waste as possible to valuable energy and resources. The waste management companies that collect your trash on a weekly basis do more than just transport and dispose of it; they make a difference every day to improve the environment and our lives along with it. With waste management comes a big responsibility, not just to collect waste, but to take advantage of the opportunities that are present to do something positive with it.

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