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The Lowdown On Oil Recycling In Riverside County California


According to the mission statement of the Riverside County, California's Waste Management Department (WMD), the reason they exist is to "To provide for the protection of the general public health and welfare by efficient management of Riverside County's solid waste system…" The statement goes on to say how the organization accomplishes this goal by offering a series of facilities and programs that use the latest technology for every area of waste management. Now while the department supervises all of the landfills for Riverside County, it also facilitates the activities of a variety of waste recycling and diversion programs. The question of this article is whether this includes oil recycling in the Riverside County area.

By browsing the Riverside County WMD's website, you get a clear picture of the host of in-house services as well as partnerships the WMD has with independent recycling and waste management programs. The site also makes absolutely clear services it does NOT offer. By clicking the site's left side menu on the button marked recycling, you gain access to several links about every type of recycling, including used oil recycling. In Riverside County, as is so many other states, a list of potential drop-off locations for waste oil can be obtained via the organizations' toll-free number.

The Riverside County WMD is a dynamic agency that operates in the community through partnerships with the city of Moreno Valley to put on special events such as Household Hazardous Waste Events. These events not only raise awareness of issues pertaining to oil recycling in Riverside County but presents people with the opportunity to dispose of used oil at one of the many drop-off sites made available throughout the months of February, March, June, and October. Many of these sites include auto dealerships, tire shops, and quick lubes all across the Riverside County district.

Oil recycling in Riverside County has become an opportunity to participate in a community atmosphere to better the environment and conserve our valuable oil resources.

The Riverside County Waste Management Department is striving to be a part of broader solution to the problem of pollution and environmental damaged caused by improper disposal of waste materials. Their role in oil recycling for Riverside County as a whole is steadily expanding as more people are realizing the need to "go green."

Oil recycling is an important aspect of the organization's commitment to protecting the general health of every resident of Riverside County, California. Aided by smaller independent groups, the WMD has room for expansion into the 21st century.