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´╗┐Start Your Own Glass Recycling Company


Are you interested in forming your own glass recycling company? If you are interested in protecting the environment, you might want to consider starting your own company. Not only will you be helping to preserve the environment, but if your company grows into a big one you will be creating jobs for people in the community in which you live. You can form a company as large or as small as you want; you can produce gravel like cullet to sell on a small scale or a large one.

Forming a glass recycling company that takes all grades of glass can be more advantageous than the recycling center that sends its trucks out to your curb to pick up your recycled glass. The independent contractors that pick up your recyclables only has so much space on their trucks, so there is a limit to what you can recycle; however if you have your own recycling company you can determine the types and grades of glass that you will process.

Your glass recycling company can specialize in mixed scrap glass; this means you can process plate glass, laminated glass, as well as container glass. If you deal with all kinds of glass you have more scrap material to sell for the making of new glass products. Besides selling cullet for the reprocessing of new glass, you can also sell fine aggregate to the makers of plastic timbers, concrete and you can also sell it to be used in landscaping. Owning your own glass recycling company can be quite a lucrative business, because glass aggregate is a commodity that is widely used in the construction field.

As an owner of a glass recycling company you will leave a legacy for the generations that come after you. There is pride in the person that has taken an active role in keeping glass out of the landfills because glass will never biodegrade back to sand. Glass in itself does no harm to the environment, except that due to the size and density of the glass that it takes up a large amount of space in the landfills. Glass that is recycled into cullet and then processed into aggregate is a valuable product that can be used in a myriad of ways.

For you, as the owner of a glass recycling company your main investment is the equipment. You won't have to buy your recyclates, because concerned citizens will bring your their recyclables. These people may have glass that the local recycling center will not take, but if your glass recycling company specializes in all types of glass you are in business. If you open the shop the people will come with their recyclables, because everyone wants to do the right thing. Before long your business will be thriving.

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