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About Recycling Electronics in Denver, Colorado


Modern society has never before been so concerned with efforts to protect the environment and the time has never been better to start your own business electronics recycling in Denver, Colorado. This is a rapidly growing industry which was developed to handle the mass amounts of electronics equipment which businesses and households accumulate on a daily basis. Electronics devices were deemed hazardous waste some years ago due to the amounts of chemicals and other substances that are used in their production.

In Colorado, the first piece of legislation regarding hazardous waste and its disposal was passed in 2001 and then revised in 2003. Referred to as the Universal Waste Rule (Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations 6 CCR 1007-3 Part 273), this law regulates how any non-residential entity must dispose of certain items, including electronics items such as computers, cell phones, and cameras, etc. In 2004, the Environmental Protection Agency approved all aspects and revisions to the 2001 statute and allowed full authority for ensuring compliance with the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act to revert to the state of Colorado.

Residents of the state are allowed to use the local landfill if there is no other option; however expect that new laws which address this problem are bound to come along. Such agencies as the Colorado Association for Recycling and the Sierra Club are active in proposing legislation which deals with all forms of electronics recycling in Denver and throughout the state.

The Colorado Universal Waste Rule states that “Conditionally exempt generators may not dispose of their hazardous wastes on site or send them to a solid waste landfill in Colorado. These wastes must be sent to a permitted hazardous waste treatment, storage or disposal (TSD) facility, sent to a legitimate recycler of the waste, or sent to an out-of-state solid waste disposal facility that is permitted to accept conditionally exempt small quantity generator hazardous wastes”.

Opportunities for Electronics Recycling, Denver

Obviously such legislation has created a need for qualified entities to take care of the hazardous wastes, such as electronics equipment, generated by any number of commercial and government enterprises. Particularly for electronics recycling in Denver, there is a real need to provide options for businesses who generate electronics waste.

Visit the State of Colorado website to obtain a complete of regulations and compliance requirements in order to become a qualified entity which can handle the disposal of electronics recycling in Denver. Qualified entities are categorized as Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility, Treater, Storer, or Disposer of Hazardous Waste or Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste. One of these categories may just prove to be the exact fit for your entrepreneurial goals.

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